Optimizing ADHD treatment, focus on patient needs.

By | 15 octubre, 2017

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been thought to affect during childhood, adolescents and adults.  Regardless of the degree of symptom remission across life span, ADHD could affect the different dimensions of the patient’s Quality of life (QoL). In the way of optimizing ADHD treatments, we will have to focused not only on the core symptoms and commodities, but also in the Quality of Life (QoL) and the patients & families needs.

We have worked in different studies to improve de outcomes and improve our knowledge about treatment needs in ADHD patients; The Caregiver Perspective of Pediatric ADHD (CAPPA) survey was conducted to assess the burden and identify unmet needs of children/adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and their caregivers in 10 European countries. The CAPPA survey evaluates a total of 3.688 caregivers of children/adolescents that has been diagnosed with ADHD. Approximately half (49%) of children/adolescents had at least 1 comorbid condition or behavior and at least 1/3 were not good enough with their treatment.

An other study focus on Adult ADHD & Emotional Intelligence (ADHD&IE study) has been done by our team in order to evaluate executive function, emotional intelligence and QoL. The participants were distributed in 4 groups attending to current comorbidities and previous ADHD diagnosis. The self-perceived QoL was significantly worse among the ADHD patients.

We really need a tailored treatment in ADHD focus on the core symptoms, age and looking for the better QoL, always taking into account the patients needs and perceptions and beliefs.



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